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Blackford Analysis: Q&A

Can you provide a brief background to Blackford Analysis?

Over the past decade, we’ve delivered innovative solutions that help healthcare professionals add clinical value, improve diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes – all at a lower cost.

With roots in astrophysics Blackford was spun out from the University of Edinburgh in 2010 by CEO Ben Panter. Continued growth has been accelerated by investment from Archangel Investors (Archangels), TRI Cap, Scottish Enterprise and Old College Capital.

Our initial product focused on enabling instant comparison of multiple medical image studies with a single click. Through experience, we developed a better way to adopt and deploy imaging technologies using a platform-based approach. Our new method streamlines the technology adoption process for other solutions.

Today, we provide a single platform to quickly access and manage a curated marketplace of regulatory approved medical image analysis applications and AI algorithms that add clinical value.

How does your platform address the challenges faced by hospitals and imaging centers when deploying new medical imaging applications?

Our platform approach simplifies the selection, deployment and maintenance of any application that resides on the platform. This approach has significant benefits when compared to the long, costly and complex process of selecting and implementing one software solution at a time.

What sets you apart from competitors?

Easily integrated into existing workflows our platform provides actionable information that allows healthcare providers to use imaging information smartly and reduce the cost of care while improving diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes. Results and reports are delivered seamlessly to where they are needed in existing systems. Our unique relevancy engine determines which studies to send each clinical application and results and reports are delivered seamlessly to where they are needed in existing systems.

Does Edinburgh have the right environment for growth for SME’s in the Digital sector?

The combination of a wonderful city, a flourishing angel investor community, exceptional research capabilities and excellent and widespread support for startups makes Edinburgh an excellent environment to support accelerated growth of tech companies. Add in the broad array of talented tech individuals who are looking to make their impact in the industry and Edinburgh truly excels.

Does Blackford Analysis attend conferences or industry meetings and how important is it for your organisation?

Blackford regularly attends and exhibits at key targeted events globally. Events and conferences form a key part of our mix and typically provide an excellent environment to grow awareness and develop meaningful opportunities. In addition to the marketing perspective conferences and industry meetings provide a great opportunity for staff training and development which is an area that is growing and increasingly well catered for in Edinburgh.

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