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Become an Ambassador

An international conference hosted in your local area creates opportunities for your industry sector to gain world recognition as well as a platform to profile your institution. Become an Ambassador and we can help you achieve this and more.

The Edinburgh Ambassador Programme provides opportunities to share experiences with like-minded people, build new contacts and learn more about what Edinburgh has to offer as a conference destination.

Take up the challenge to bid and become an Edinburgh Ambassador - we welcome academic and business professionals from fields as varied as science and technology, sport and leisure, medicine and law, who are experts in their field and have a major influence over their associations’ choice of conference destination.

Together, with the dedicated support of the Edinburgh Ambassador Programme, we will help you build and present the case to persuade your association to host their next or future meeting in Edinburgh.

This is an opportunity to showcase Scotland's capital as a modern, dynamic city with world-leading centres of excellence that continue to develop new fields of expertise and ground breaking research.

Hosting a conference or event in Edinburgh has its rewards for you too!

As the catalyst in securing your associations’ conference, you will gain recognition and achieve long-term benefits such as:

  • a platform to raise the global awareness of your subject matter and gain recognition for Scotland’s industries and academic institutions;
  • an opportunity to build alliances to develop collaborative research and grant application;
  • potential for career development as a result of the increased professional recognition for conference organisers and the opportunity to become a speaker at future conferences;
  • recognition in the Research for Excellence Framework indicators.

Be Part of the Programme

Attracting a conference is good for you, good for your organisation and good for the city.

If you have expertise in a specialist field and are considering bringing a conference to Edinburgh, please contact us.

Our network of over 500 Edinburgh Ambassadors continues to expand so you will be in good company!