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You may have some questions on our Edinburgh Ambassador Programme. This section of our website provides a brief introduction but if you would like to know more then please contact us.

How can the programme help me?

Through the Edinburgh Ambassador Programme, you will be provided with all the assistance you need to prepare and submit a formal proposal to the organising committee and attract your association conference to Edinburgh.

Hosting a conference or event in Edinburgh has its rewards for you too! As the catalyst in securing your associations’ conference, you will gain recognition and achieve a number of long-term benefits.

How do I become an Ambassador?

Edinburgh Ambassadors are academic and business professionals who are experts in their industry sector and promote Edinburgh as an award-winning city and conference destination to their association.

If you have expertise in a specialist field and are considering bringing a conference to Edinburgh, please get in touch.

Our network of over 500 Edinburgh Ambassadors continues to expand so you will be in good company!

Do I need to pay to join?

There are no fees or financial outlay associated to being part of the Edinburgh Ambassador Programme.

For more information see Become an Ambassador.

What if I am not attracting a conference this year but may do so in the future?

There is no time restriction on an Ambassador in terms of attracting a conference within a few months or a few years in the future. We welcome Ambassadors who support the programme and this can be either through direct involvement in conferences or by influencing others to do so. Ambassadors are also key to introducing the programme and service to others who are seeking to attract events to the city and may require our support.

If I join the programme what is expected from me?

We want Ambassadors to take up the challenge to persuade their association to consider hosting the next, or a future conference, in Edinburgh!

Through your knowledge and promotion of Edinburgh as a world-renowned conference destination, you exert major influence over your association’s choice of city. Your support and enthusiasm in bringing conferences, influencing others to do so or by introducing new Ambassadors to the Programme, is key to the city’s conference success.

If you have any questions not answered here please contact the Ambassador team.