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Ecosse EV

For chauffeur services in Scotland with the environment in mind, there is only once choice.

Ecosse EV is a pioneering Edinburgh-based business which specialises in eco-friendly ground transportation. They provide chauffeur driven solutions to both corporate and leisure clients - including airport and hotel transfers – in and around Edinburgh and beyond.

Scotland sources over two thirds of its electricity from renewables and is considered one of the world leaders in creating eco-friendly energy. With an enviable amount of energy made available for use in this way, it makes sense to utilise this resource effectively. In efforts to influence and encourage decision-makers to consider a more sustainable approach to ground transportation, Ecosse EV are not only able to draw electricity from the grid, but advancement in technology means they will also be able to give it back to the grid when not required – making it eco-friendly and economically effective.

Stephen Dunn, Chief Operating Officer at Ecosse EV, said:

“With electric vehicles revolutionising the way in which we travel, it is the inevitable future of chauffeuring. With the demands placed upon organisations to implement robust Corporate Social Responsibility policies, the need for an environmentally friendly solution has never been greater.”

The first provider of 100% Electric vehicles for both chauffeur services and luxury rental, Ecosse EV is contributing to Scotland becoming greener sooner. Their aim is to encourage as many early adopters in the corporate and leisure industry to consider switching to EV’s (Electric Vehicles) wherever possible.

One way in which Ecosse EV is working towards encouraging the switch to electric vehicles’ and achieving a greener Scotland is by addressing ‘Range Anxiety’ - the questioning of how far an electric car can travel in a single charge. Historically, EV’s have had a range of around 50 and 60 miles on a full charge. Plug-in Hybrids, whilst being backed up with a fossil-fuelled internal combustion engine (ICE), would also be labelled as having a low range.

Stephen explained:

“In reality, range is less of an issue than reported as a lot of EV’s can now travel in excess of 120 miles before requiring a charge; for most this is adequate. In terms of running a luxury chauffeur company, our Tesla vehicles have a range in excess of 240 miles on a single charge, with some of the larger battery Tesla’s have a range greater than 335 miles. This mitigates any range anxiety issues there may be from a client perspective. With charging times of around 40 minutes to go from 20% to 80%, the vehicle is often ready before you are!

In addition, those early adopters who have decided to embrace their environmental responsibility and incorporate zero-emissions cars as their preferred vehicle of choice understand the relatively small trade-off, compared with the obvious benefits of going 100% Electric. Finally, with the charging infrastructure growing at an exponential rate – especially in Scotland – there really is no reason not to switch.”

Offering Eco-Friendly Tesla tours in and around Edinburgh and across Scotland, travel in style next time you’re in Edinburgh. Let Ecosse EV do the legwork and ensure you get from A to B in style, or why not extend your stay and experience a full day or half day tour? Discover Edinburgh’s historic sites and breath-taking scenery in the comfortable and luxurious cabins of a fully electric Tesla supercar.