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Faraday Grid

Delivering steady and affordable renewable energy, Edinburgh is home to the revolutionary faraday Grid – a global game-changer for the Energy Sector.

Electricity is one of the greatest human discoveries, continuously transforming the lives of billions of people across the world. The way we make, move, and use electricity relies on many different forms of technology, some of which have not fundamentally changed in a hundred years. This is a problem because we are asking our electricity system to respond to new economic and environmental challenges.

Countries around the world share an aspiration to decarbonise their economies and produce cleaner forms of energy. It is important this is achieved at the lowest cost so that the transformative benefits of electricity can continue to be enjoyed by all.

Renewable energy has a critical role to play. Yet existing electricity systems are constrained by the amount of variable renewable energy they can tolerate. The Faraday solution was created in Edinburgh and provides a truly unique response that promises a cleaner, more reliable, and affordable energy system.

“Edinburgh’s deep heritage in physics and economics, along with Scotland’s commitment to renewable energy make it the perfect place for Faraday Grid to launch a true global energy revolution; enabling sustainable prosperity for all through affordable, reliable, and clean energy.” Matthew Williams, Chief Technology Officer

The Faraday Grid, powered by the revolutionary Faraday Exchanger, is the world’s most advanced smart grid.

Definition: A Faraday Grid is an autonomous, responsive, electrical meta-network, agnostic to generation and consumption, with its own inertia, enabling more productive, resilient, and stable electricity transfer.

The Faraday Grid views electricity grids as essentially large communication systems: capable of connecting multiple generators with a vast network of consumers. Just like the internet changed the rules of the game in communications, the energy sector is facing a revolution driven by technology.

“On 12th December 2017, we demonstrated live our prototype of the Faraday Exchanger.”

Definition: A managed, high speed, power flow control device that dynamically maintains RMS voltage and power factor efficiently over a range of operation.

Faraday Grid Ltd has developed an entirely new technology, the Faraday Exchanger, to address short term volatility and enable bi-directional power-flow. Located at any network connection point, it is the underpinning technology for a new energy platform, reinforcing and reforming electricity systems at their fundamental structure.

The Exchanger is completely scalable in its core design principles, meaning it can be utilised in any application within an electricity system, from consumer devices, through to HV grid and generation.

Find out more about the Faraday Grid and the principles behind it by visiting http://www.faradaygrid.com/.